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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Reflection 2020-06-03 Wednesday 9th Week in Ordinary Time (St Charles Lwanga and Companions)

2 Timothy 1:1-3, 6-12; Psalm 123; Mark 12:18-27
The Readings today are very appropriate to the Saints we celebrate today. Charles Lwanga served as the chief of royal pages and became the head of the king’s household. He was baptized on November 15, 1885. The king later sentenced Charles and the Christians to death because they were Christians. Being Christians, they also would not consent to his desire to sodomize them and Charles would protect them from the king’s sexual advances. St Charles died because of his faith, believing that sodomy is evil because it corrupts the natural act inherent in marriage. Sadly, we cannot say this of many Catholics who not only promote sodomy, but remain silent and even cover the sinful acts of pastors whose role is to protect those under their care.
Mark tells us the Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection, yet, they came to Jesus and ask him about the resurrection. This shows they were not interested in learning the Truth, but were more interested in proving themselves right. To them, Jesus replied: is this not the reason you are wrong, that you know neither the scriptures nor the power of God. This response sums up why there are many “christians” who betray the teaching of the Church on life issues, moral issues and even on matters of faith: WE ARE MISTAKEN BECAUSE WE DO NOT KNOW SCRIPTURE NOR THE POWER OF GOD.
Why are there self-proclaimed Catholics, including clergy, who believe sodomy is normal? Why are there Catholics who insist adultery or fornication is not a sin? Why are there Catholics who believe killing a child in a mother’s womb or an elderly or disabled is a right? It is because they do not know Scripture nor the power of God. How do we know the mind of God in these matters? In response to the matter of marriage, Jesus took the discussion to the beginning. What is God’s plan for marriage? It is between man and woman. What can be clearer than that! With regards to the resurrection, Jesus revealed what heaven will be like. If I cannot accept the Word of Jesus regarding these matters, I cannot call myself a Christian. It is as simple as that.
St Paul was very clear about this when he said in the first reading: do not be ashamed, then, of the testimony about our Lord … but join with me in suffering for the gospel, relying on the power of God, who saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our own works but according to his own purpose and grace. We are all called to suffer for the Gospel through the power of God. We do not preach the Gospel to please people, but to lead people to holiness and knowledge of Christ. As an ordained man, I ask for prayers that I will be faithful and respond to God’s gift of the spirit of power, of love and self-discipline. Pray also for all ordained men and pray for all preachers and teachers of the faith, that we may have courage like St Charles and his companions, like St Paul, to preach the Word of God, that they may be true and faithful to the Gospel, not preaching what people like to hear, not desiring to be popular, not desiring for money and fame, but having that desire to herald and teach Scripture and the power of God truthfully so those who hear will come to know Jesus Christ and his salvation and call to a holy life.
The Church needs men and women who will be faithful to the Word of God as preached by the historical and Apostolic Church.
Lord, I thank you for calling me to a holy life. Open my eyes, my ears, my heart, so I may know Scripture and the power of God. Let me live courageously, relying on your power to save and lead me to a holy life. Give me guides who will preach the Word truthfully and do not let me be misled by false prophets. Reveal them Lord and frustrate their plans to bring them to repentance. Give us holy shepherds and leaders of the Church who would preach your Word in Truth, without fear so I may know you, the God who loves me, the God who saves me, the God who gives me new life.
St Charles Lwanga and Companion Martyrs, Pray for us.

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