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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Who are the Nicolaitans Today

Been reading Revelation. In Chapter 2, Jesus admonishes the Angel of Ephesus and then says in 2:6, "But this you have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate." This got me to wonder who these Nicolaitans are.

St Isidore of Saville (560-636 AD) wrote a book called Etymologies, which contains definitions of various terms (Book VIII). He described the Nicolaitans as followers of the Deacon Nicolas who was ordained by Peter with the 6 other deacons in Acts 6. Nicolas abandoned his wife because she was beautiful so whoever wanted may enjoy her. This of course led to debauchery.
I can think of 3 reasons why God hates this act and why this sect was specifically mentioned:
  1. Nicolas abandoned his wife. He broke his marriage and gave her to others as if she was a thing to be enjoyed by others. He corrupted the sanctity of marriage.
  2. This violated the dignity of his wife.
  3. These two reasons are horrible enough, and worth condemnation. But these would not have been enough for them to be worth mentioning. There were undoubtedly men who abandoned their wives and were involved in debauchery. But I think the reason why this sect was singled out was that Nicolas was a Deacon. He held a leadership position in the Body of Christ. His action caused others to sin which is why he was mentioned so others will not be led astray.
Today, we have people in leadership positions (both in government and in the Church) who promote sexual promiscuity and sin. They are the modern Nicolaitans and we need to warn people against them.
For those who say we should not hate, it is clear they do not know their Scripture nor the power of God. Even in Scripture, Jesus said he HATES (see that word!) the actions of the Nicolaitans. We hate the act, NOT the sinner. BUT we need to warn them against false prophets also and call out their wicked acts.
Woe to those who call good evil and who call evil good.

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