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Saturday, January 27, 2018

The World Needs God

The oath that he swore to Abraham our father, that he would grant to us, so that, having been freed from the hand of our enemies, we may serve him without fear, in holiness and justice before him, throughout all our days.
Luke 1:73-75
This is Zechariah’s praise to God shortly after John the Baptist was born. Zechariah praised God for what he has done and he speaks in anticipation of the deliverance of Israel by God. Zechariah says God has freed his people from the hand of their enemies, so they can serve him without fear, in holiness and justice all their lives. This shows us that God wants us to be free so we can worship him. Freedom of religion is the basic human right. People need to be able to live according to their faith.
The sad thing is many people have been denied this right for one reason or another. We see governments persecuting their own citizens, sometimes killing them just because they do not have the same beliefs as those in power. Governments think freedom is given by those in power when in fact, freedom comes from God. Man has usurped God’s authority and this has led the world to a destructive path.
The world is slowly losing its will to live and everything is solved by killing. To prevent discourse, people willingly kill. People think killing babies in the womb is the solution to unwanted pregnancies. Many think killing the elderly and disabled is the way to give people dignity. The only way to bring the world back and give it a purpose to live is to go back to God’s plan: to proclaim freedom to the captives, to proclaim the healing of Christ, to proclaim the good news that God is with us!
The world is dying because it has lost hope. In the US, suicide is one of the top five causes of death for teenagers. One of the major causes of suicide is the loss of hope. Ephesians 2:12 tells us that when there is no God, there is no hope. The world needs hope. It needs the message of Jesus Christ, who died and rose again, who has the power to heal, and set people free. Who came to give life and give it to the full. There is no other way to life but through Jesus Christ.
The solution to the world’s problems is not political. It is spiritual.

May God raise more people who will stand up bravely for him and proclaim the goodness of God to all the earth.

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