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Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Precious in God's Sight

I was praying this lunch time and I do not know why but I was very touched with the story of the sinful woman who anointed Jesus feet (Luke 7). I do not know why but as I read the story, I was so touched that I shed a few tears.
I wondered what made this woman to, all of a sudden, go into a Pharisees house at the risk of humiliation (because she was a woman of questionable character) and approach Jesus. Then I thought maybe, there were some things that happened behind the scenes. Things not recorded in the gospel.
Just think of it this way - she was a woman of questionable character - a prostitute. Because of this, she has lost her dignity as a human being. To add insult to injury, she probably was not welcome in the society. So she probably lived her life alone, being ridiculed by the people and probably being put to shame by some of the Pharisees - one of whom would probably be Simon the host of Jesus that night.
The events that led to this outburst of emotion from the woman - we can only guess. But if my imagination is right, Jesus probably showed her the respect she never knew nor expected. And this precisely is the main point of the gospel - that we are Gods children and because of this we are worthy of dignity and respect. Jesus gave her the dignity she lost. He probably made her feel that she was important and worth the respect of Jesus and the love of God.
I guess what this story shows is that no matter who we are - even if we are the rejects of society, even if everyone rejects us - the Lord is always faithful. We are his children and we are precious in his sight. I remember a verse in one of the psalms -
Though my father and mother abandon me, you will not abandon me. For you O Lord are faithful.
Everyone is precious in the sight of God.
I remember the song that goes,
"Lord, you are more precious than silver. Lord, you are more costly than gold. Lord, you are more beautiful than diamonds. Nothing I desire compares with you."
That song is our prayer - our hope that one day - God will be number one in our lives. But with God - change the word
to YOUR own name. That is a reality. And if God tells us that we are precious no one can change that fact.
We are the Lords. We are precious. We are loved.

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